How Good is IPL Hair Removal?

How Good is IPL Hair Removal?

We’ve all used the wax strips and perhaps electrolysis to remove unwanted hair, yet there is a new alternative that people are turning to. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a form of light therapy used to remove unwanted hair. This is unlike regular laser hair removal treatments that emit light at a certain wavelength, IPL treatments involve a range of frequencies, and the light is pulsed and absorbed into the pigment of the hair, thus killing the growing part of the follicle. IPL is used for therapeutic and cosmetic reasons, and can assist in alleviating skin conditions, such as acne.

How it Works

The spectrum of light that is applied to the skins targets melanin, and the light travels through the skin until it hits the hair shaft, and as the heat is absorbed, it destroys the papilla, which is responsible for new growth. Effectively, IPL treatments permanently reduce natural hair growth, and this is why they are so popular.

A Series of Treatments

Not all a person’s hair follicles are active at the time of the treatment, and any that aren’t, will not be affected by the treatment. This means at least 8 sessions until all of the hair is removed, and the treatment should be carried out on clean shaved skin that has not suffered sun damage. To find out if you are suitable for IPL hair removal treatment, visit our clinic and we can offer the best solution.

Fair Skin

If a person has fair skin, the results of IPL treatment are likely to be more effective than a person with darker skin, and this is due to the spectrum of light emitted by the laser pulses. If a person has fair skin and dark hair, the removal process is usually very effective, but that doesn’t mean people with other complexions cannot benefit from IPL treatment. A qualified dermal therapist would be able to tell you if IPL is right for you, and if it isn’t, he or she would be able to offer an alternative treatment that is more suitable.

Safe & Non-Invasive

IPL treatment is both safe and non-invasive, which is why it has become so popular. A few treatments and you can say goodbye to that unwanted hair problem, permanently. An IPL machine can cause damage to a person, so it should only be used by a qualified dermal therapist, with extensive experience in IPL treatment, both in hair removal and skin rejuvenation. At Corpo Bella, we have a resident IPL expert who is highly skilled and ready to help you remove that unwanted hair, once and for all.

Certain Conditions

If you have recently suffered sunburn or had a fake tan in the previous 10 days, IPL cannot be used. People with blonde or red hair are not suitable for IPL treatment, and pregnant women are not advised to have the treatment.

IPL treatment is a permanent way to reduce hair growth, and with the right number of treatments, one can eliminate unwanted hair for good.